Welfare and Security Committee

Meeting minutes

April 21, 2010


In attendance:

Invited guest:  William Smith ( GT Police emergency preparedness)

Bob Pikowsky, Andrew Hardin, Jeff Jenkins, Tanah Barchichat, Jimmy Williams.


Topic:  Campus Security

GT Public Safety activities of interest this summer 2010 include:

Fire: Coordinate with Atlanta Fire Dept.  The goal is to locate buildings easily, determine quick access to the buildings, and develop a quick guide to campus.  Establish contacts with facility managers of campus buildings and create fire plans for campus buildings. 

Football game safety: Update emergency access plan and communications systems so that the police (sheriffs, GBI, FBI and APD), the fire dept, the paramedics and other emergency responders can communicate with one another during an emergency on one main system or channel.

SWAT: During the month of May the SWAT team will perform training exercises. 

Emergency Notification: The Emergency notification system has been successful in providing good coverage via email, text, and voicemail for GT students, faculty and staff. 

GT Police Dept. grant applications: The police dept has applied for grants to help pay for new emergency equipment such as low speed vehicles and inspection mirrors, and to help pay for security sweeps on game day.

Possible future activities:

Is there a Buzzcard problem? 

The Parking and Transportation Director mentioned to the WSC Chair that a WSC committee member may be able to sit in on a discussion of the draft low speed vehicle plan this summer.

The next WSC meeting will be held in the fall of 2010.  WSC fall 2010 will discuss: 

What do we want to do?

Who’s going to be the chair?

The WSC meeting adjourned @ 4:40 pm.