Welfare and Security Committee

Meeting Minutes

March 10, 2010



Attendance: Bob Pikowsky, Teresa Crocker (special invited guest), Jimmy Williams, Tanah Barchichat, Margaret Kosal, Jim Ellington, Jilda Garton, Jeff Jenkins


Discussion of status of Parking and Transportation plan for low speed vehicles

A plan for use of low speed vehicles, golf carts, and tractors is nearly completed. A draft plan, an executive summary, and a FAQ have been prepared. They may be ready for public release as early as this summer. If so, the WSC will be invited to attend a presentation on the new plan.


Informal overview of campus crimes

Police Chief Crocker gave us a brief overview of recent crimes.


Buzzcard access to buildings in question

The committee discussed the status of Buzzcard access to buildings. Questions were raised about whether improper use of Buzzcards is a factor in building thefts. We don’t know whether this is a problem. We may decide to look into it in more detail next year.


General interest in emergency preparedness on campus

We’ll invite Andy Altizer to speak about emergency preparedness at our next meeting on April 21.