Annual Report


Members of the Committee:

Members: Tanah Barchichat, Jim Ellington, Jilda Garton, Andrew Hardin, Margaret Kosal, Bob Pikowsky, and Jimmy Williams

Executive Committee Liaison: Jeff Jenkins

Invited Guests: Mark Demyanek (EHS) and Teresa Crocker (police)


The Committee met on the following dates: September 8, 2009, October 13, 2009, November 11, 2009, February 10, 2010, March 10, 2009, and April 21, 2010.


Our most visible work of the year concerned bills pending in the Georgia legislature that would allow concealed carry permit holders to bring firearms on campus. We discussed the bills with Executive Director of Government and Community Relations Dene Sheheane and Police Chief Teresa Crocker at our February 10 meeting. Committee Chair Bob Pikowsky provided a status report at the February 16 Meeting of the General Faculty, General Faculty Assembly, and Academic Senate.


The committee discussed pedestrian safety on campus. A representative of the GT Police Department informed us that despite some recent traffic mishaps, no areas of campus are unduly prone to accidents. Nevertheless, a committee member expressed concern about the timing of various stoplights in the vicinity of Tech Square. The Police Dept. will look into it, but these lights are controlled by the City of Atlanta so itís beyond our power to adjust them.


Due to a number of concerns about parking expressed by several members of the campus community, the Executive Board asked us to look into questions primarily concerning cost and malfunctioning gates. This inquiry arose after the committee had adjourned for the summer and many committee members were unavailable. The Committee Chair talked to the Parking Director and the BuzzCard Office Director, and presented his conclusions to the Executive Board on May 25.