Welfare and Security Committee


November 11, 2009

Research Administration Building – 1st floor conference room - 4:00 PM


Attendance: Bob Pikowsky, Mark Demyanek (special invited guest), GT Police Capt. Randy Barrone (special invited guest), Margaret Kosal, Jilda Garton, Jimmy Williams (sitting in for Travis Horsley); Tanah Barchichat; and Andrew Hardin.  Absent:  Jeff Jenkins and Jim Ellington.


Captain Barrone briefed the committee on recent traffic accidents. None were serious. He doesn’t believe that any locations on campus are unduly prone to accidents.

Jimmy Williams suggested that the timing of various stoplights could be adjusted to provide additional safety for pedestrians. Captain Barrone will look into it and report back to the committee.


We agreed by consensus that it would be desirable to remove a right turn arrow painted on the street where Regents Drive forms a “t” intersection with Ferst Drive near the Recreation Center. Despite the arrow, it’s not possible to turn right. Rather, a left turn is necessary.


We also agreed that the cross-marked area on Tech Parkway in the vicinity of the Human Resources office should be removed more thoroughly where the road is carrying normal traffic after a previous attempt to allow parking.