Welfare and Security Committee


October 13, 2009

Research Administration Building 1st floor conference room - 4:00 PM


Attendance: Bob Pikowsky, Mark Demyanek (special invited guest), Teresa Crocker (special invited guest) Brenda Morales (sitting in for Travis Horsley); Tanah Barchichat; and Andrew Hardin. Absent: Jilda Garton, Jeff Jenkins, Margaret Kosal and Jim Ellington.


WSC discussion of Bicycle/Pedestrian safety.

The committee discussed personal observations/anecdotes of members. We considered inviting administrators responsible for campus traffic to discuss safety issues.


Brenda suggested creation of a student survey about pedestrian safety.


The meeting adjourned at 5:10 pm.


In light of informal discussion over the next few days after the meeting, the Chair will request statistical information concerning traffic accidents if available. The committee will review this data at our November meeting before inviting members of the administration. Further informal discussion also led to the conclusion that it would be more appropriate for the Student Government Association to work with the Dean of Students office in preparing a student survey. Survey results could be used in selecting sites to be included in the Safety Walk in November. The Dean of Students has agreed to work with the SGA.