Welfare and Security Committee


September 8, 2009

Research Administration Building 1st floor conference room - 4:00 PM


Attendance: Bob Pikowsky, Mark Demyanek, Jim Ellington, Wayne Whiteman; Jilda Garton and Andrew Harden.


Request for verification of committee members on Faculty Senate website:

Committee Members include:


Barchichat, Tanah

Ellington, Jim

Garton, Jilda

Hardin, Andrew

Kosal, Margaret

Pikowsky, Bob

Horsley, Travis


Executive Board Liaison

Jenkins, Jeff


Special invited guests:

Demyanek, Mark

Crocker, Teresa


WSC members received updates on H1N1 flu. Over 400 cases at this point have been reported on GT campus.


AED update was added to the annual report. EH&S has started implementing the program.


WSC plan for the year includes, but not limited to:

1.      Pedestrian safety

2.      Bicycle policy


The next WSC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 13, 2009 in the GTRC Board Room in the Research Administrative Building at 4:00 pm.