Student Regulations Committee

November 11, 2009




            Present:           Voting Members: Jeff Streator (Chair), Bill Drummond (Secretary), Mitch Keller, Parker Hancock, Jimmy Williams (SGA, proxy for Corey Boone).


                                    Non-voting Members:  Reta Pikowsky (Registrar), Bill Schafer (Vice President for Student Affairs), Wayne Whiteman (Executive Board Liaison)


                                    Guests:                        Carole Moore (Provost’s office)

                                                                        Rob Parrish (SGA)

                                                                        Robert Kirkman (Academic Integrity Committee)

                                                                        Alina Staskevicius (SGA President)

                                                                        John Stein (Dean of Students)

                                                                        Chris Schmidt (Office of Student Integrity)

            Absent:         Voting Members: Corey Boone, Naresh Thadhani, Jung Choi, Charles Parsons, Miroslav Begovic


                                 Non-voting Members:    none

1.      The meeting began at 2:06 pm.

2.      The minutes of the November 4, 2009 meeting were approved.

3.      Examinations for Advanced Standing

The Registrar presented a new version of the Examinations for Advanced Standing language approved at the November 4, 2009 SRC meeting.  The new language adds Item B.9, which is to read as follows:


Students may submit the Advanced Standing application and fee to obtain 6 to 8 hours of proficiency credit for foreign language at the 1001-1002 level upon completion of two classes in the same language at the 2000-level or higher with a minimum grade of C.


The new language was approved unanimously.


4.      Week preceding final examinations (WPFE) policy

      Jeff Streator observed that there is currently no text in the Faculty Handbook that discusses replacing the final examination with an alternative assessment.  Some courses do not have a final, nor do they replace the final with a designated alternative assessment.  In light of this issue, there were 3 suggested changes to the most recent proposed WPFE     policy draft:

                                                              i.      Item C.1: change the current text that reads “provide an alternative assessment in place of a final examination” to “do not give a traditional final examination.”

                                                            ii.      Item C.4: change the language in the first sentence that now reads “the alternative assessment” to “an alternative assessment.”

                                                          iii.      Item D.1: change the language in the sentence that now reads “. . .final examinations may be waved and replaced with appropriate assessment. . . .” to“. . .final examinations may be waved and may be replaced with appropriate assessment. . . .”


The committee agreed to incorporate these changes, then voted unanimously to approve the proposed Week Preceding Final Examinations policy as amended.   The entire WPFE policy, which represents an addition to multiple sections of the Rules and Regulations, is attached.  The attachment includes an Executive Summary that is NOT to be part of the Rules and Regulations.

5.      Student Code of Conduct

a.       Changes to the Student Code of Conduct have been necessitated by the President as a result of his consultation with the Board of Regents regarding the need revise the appellate process: i.e., low-level cases should not be coming before the BOR and the BOR should only consider cases that have first been reviewed by the President.

b.      Jeff Streator proposed that the phrase “In most cases” in the latest draft  in section D.4.b be changed to “Ordinarily” to better match customary phrasing in other official Georgia Tech documents.  This change was approved unanimously.

c.       The committee discussed in depth item D.4.b, the justification and procedure for overruling a student’s preference for a decision to be rendered by the Student Conduct Administrator or a Student Conduct Panel, and the right of the student to appeal that decision.  Jeff Streator proposed changes to be made to the sentence in D.4.b whose original text was “The decision of the OSI not to honor the Accused student’s preference will be made in consultation with the Dean of Students.   The new proposed language is “The decision of the OSI not to honor the Accused student’s preference will be made with the consent of the Dean of Students.”  This change clarifies the role of the Dean of Students in the decision.  This change was approved unanimously.

d.      For item I.3.d John Stein proposed that the current language “remand the case to the original Student Conduct Administrator” be changed to “remand the case to a Student Conduct Administrator.”  This change is to accommodate the rare case when it will be fairer to the student and/or Administrator to have a different person consider the appeal.  This change was approved unanimously.

e.       The committee voted unanimously to approve the revised text of the Student Code of Conduct with a provision allowing minor changes in areas such as wording, grammar, capitalization, and indentation.  These changes will be made by Carole Moore, Chris Schmidt, and Jeff Streator.  The SRC-approved Student Code is attached below (with all changes from the current Student Code indicated).

f.       Jeff Streator will not be available to present the new WPFE policy and revised Student Code of Conduct to the Academic Senate.  He will prepare a PowerPoint summarizing the changes, and Reta Pikowsky will present the changes.  Jimmy Williams will attend the meeting to present the student perspective, and John Stein and Chris Schmidt will also attend.

6.      The meeting adjourned at 3:07 pm.


Addendum to minutes:   By email vote held on November 13th, 2009, the wording


            A decision of OSI not to honor the Student’s preference shall require the consent of the       Dean of Students.   The Student may convey the reasons for his/her preference in written      or verbal form to the Dean of Students.


is recommended for Section D.4.b of the Student Code of Conduct and replaces the previously recommended wording that was approved by the SRC at its meeting on November 11th, 2009:


            A decision of OSI not to honor the Student’s preference will be made with the consent of     the Dean of Students, who will make the final decision.   The Student’s reasons for their original preference may be conveyed, in written or verbal form to the Dean of Students.


The recommended change is reflected in the attached Student Code of Conduct.