Student Regulations Committee

September 1, 2009



Present:     Voting Members:              Jeff Streator (Chair), Bill Drummond (Secretary),Miroslav Begovic, Mitch Keller, Charles Parsons

                  Non-voting Members:       Reta Pikowsky (Registrar)

                                                            Bill Schafer, Wayne Whiteman (EB Liaison)


                  Guests:                              Carole Moore (Provost’s office)

                                                            Lisa Redding (Registrar’s office)

Absent:      Voting Members:              Parker Hancock, Naresh Thadhani, Corey Boone, Jung Choi

Non-voting members:       None


1.      The meeting began at 1:00 pm.

2.      The Committee elected Jeff Streator to continue as Committee Chair and Bill Drummond was appointed by the Chair to serve again as Secretary.

3.      Reta Pikowsky presented a listing of issues to be considered by the committee this year.  These include:

a)      Class attendance policy

b)      Academic calendar

c)      Examinations for advanced standing

d)     Cross-enrollment and concurrent registration

e)      Undergraduate and graduate degrees

f)       Grade substitution

4.      The Committee discussed class attendance policy.  The basic problem is that the current regulation states “students will be permitted to make up work” for an excused extra-curricular absence.  (The Registrar’s office is the only source of excused absences.)  Some instructors consider the absence to count toward a “drop one test” provision so the student missing the test cannot drop an additional test.  Some instructors will exclude the missed test when calculating the student’s average.  From the instructors’ perspective, make-up tests can be very difficult to fairly administer.

The committee tabled the issue pending revised language from the Registrar, which would attempt to (a) enforce fairness in treatment for students with excused absences while (b) not forcing faculty to give difficult-to-implement make-up tests or quizzes.


5.      The committee briefly discussed the academic calendar.  The drop date is usually on Friday, but the percentages as specified in the current regulation may not always work out cleanly.  The Registrar will draft new language to be placed in the A. Grades section to refer to the calendar section.

6.      The meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.