Student Regulations Committee

March 31, 2010




Present:                             Voting Members: Jeff Streator (Chair), Bill Drummond (Secretary), Mitch Keller, Charles Parsons

                  Non-voting Members: Reta Pikowsky (Registrar), Bill Schafer (Vice President for Student Affairs), Wayne Whiteman (Executive Board Liaison)


Guests:                              None.

Absent:                              Voting Members: Naresh Thadhani, Miroslav Begovic, Parker Hancock, Corey Boone, Jung Choi,

Non-voting members: none absent



1.      The meeting began at 10:35 am.

2.      The Minutes for 3/17/2010 were reviewed and the following changes were recommended:


a.       The phrase “guilty of” changed to “responsible for” in item 4.

b.      The phrase “March 17” dropped from item 3b.

3.      Grade substitution policy

a.       Reta Pikowsky proposed changes in the grade substitution policy. At present students may use the grade substitution policy to (1) retake a course in which they had received an “F, ” (2) receive an “F” in the retaken course, (3) substitute the new “F” to eliminate the prior “F,” (4) sometimes resulting in an increase in GPA, and (5) avoiding dismissal status and/or a required intervention.

b.      The minutes of the meeting when the policy was passed do not shed any light on the issue.

c.       Reta will consult with Kent Barefield, Student Regulations Committee chair at the time.

4.      Rules for Pass/Fail

a.       Reta Pikowsky reported a problem with enforcing the current Pass/Fail rules  that are linked to the student’s program of study.  With students changing majors, it is impossible to enforce the current rule.  She proposed an alternative not linked to the program of study. 

b.      She will consult with the academic advisors to see if the new language will be an improvement

5.      Final examinations

a.       Reta Pikowsky raised several problems with the current final exam conflict policy.  If students fail to resolve a problem with conflicting exams, it can be impossible to schedule an alternative time, especially for large classes in math and physics.


b.      The committee will discuss this issue further at a future meeting.


6.      The meeting adjourned at 11:25 am.