Student Regulations Committee

2009-2010 Annual Report


Meetings of the Committee

During Academic Year 2009-2010, the Student Regulations Committee (SRC) convened on the following meeting dates: 9-1-2009, 10-7-2009, 10-14-2009, 11-4-2009, 11-11-2009, 3-3-2010, 3-17-2010, 3-31-2010 and 4-16-2010.  Additionally, three e-mail ballots were conducted: (1) 10/15/2009 through 10/16/2009, (2) on 11-13-2009, and (3) 4-22-2010 through 4-23-2010.


Issues before the Committee

The SRC considered several proposed changes to Institute regulations regarding graduate and undergraduate students.    The major issues considered by the SRC in are highlighted below (in order of consideration):


  1. Changes to the Academic Calendar. 

The SRC recommended a change in wording regarding the description of the Standard Calendar to allow the Registrar more flexibility in setting the deadline for certain events, such as the final day to withdraw from a course without penalty.


  1. Examinations for Advanced Standing

The SRC recommended adding wording to the regulations governing Advanced Standing to reflect current practice of awarding 6-8 hours of proficiency credit for foreign language at the 1001-1002 level after completion of two classes in the same language at the 2000-level or higher with a minimum grade of C and upon submission of the Advanced Standing application fee.


  1. Student Code of Conduct Process

The SRC recommended that there be changes to the appellate process associated with students being found responsible for violations of the Student Code.  The changes were recommended in conjunction with requirements established and communicated by the Board of Regents.  The major aspect of the recommendation changes is that low-level cases be appealable only up to the level of the Dean of Students.


  1. Policy on Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Harassment, Stalking and Intimate Partner Violence

The SRC recommended changes in the official policy statement regarding sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, stalking and intimate partner violence to provide additional clarity and make the policy more consistent with recent changes in relevant sections of the Student Code of Conduct.


  1. Week Preceding Final Exams (WPFE)

The SRC recommended several changes to the policy regarding examinations and major projects during “Dead Week,” officially known as WPFE.   The thrust of the recommended changes was to provide additional clarity of expectations to allow students more time to prepare for final exams.



Resolution of Issues

All items enumerated above were approved by the Academic Senate.