Academic year 2009-2010 (Summer 2009 through Spring 2010)





The Committee consists of 12 faculty members and 9 students (6 undergraduate; 3 graduate). Elected Faculty members: Christos Alexopoulos (ISYE), Mary Axford (Library), Hayriye Ayhan (ISYE), Tucker Balch (CoC-IC), Paul Foster (Mod Lang), James Gole (Physics), Blake Leland (LCC), Saby Mitra (MGT), Christine Ries (Econ), Carol Senf (LCC), Kathy Tomajko (Library), Tyler Walters (Library).


Statistics: During 2009-10, the committee followed the new Student Code of Conduct that was approved by the Senate on January 8, 2007.  The new code distinguishes between high- and low-level cases, with all low-level cases subject only to administrative resolution.  Students accused in high-level cases may choose an administrative resolution or a hearing before the Honor Committee. In addition, low-level appeal cases go to the Dean of Students and high-level cases go to the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.


Total Cases Adjudicated                             

            Resolved Administratively (OSI)             386

            Faculty Conference Resolution               118

            Heard by Honor Committee                         2

            Appeals to Dean of Students (Low)           68

            Appeals to President                                     1

            Appeals to Board of Regents                       0

            TOTAL                                                     575


Administrative Resolution

            Responsible                                               301

            Not Responsible                                          85


Faculty Conference Resolution

            Responsible                                               118

            Not Responsible                                            0


Honor Committee                 

            Responsible                                                   2

            Not Responsible                                            0



Cases by College

Architecture (3), Computing (190), Engineering (120), Management (9), Ivan Allen (23), Sciences (143), Other (70). TOTAL 575. This compares to 321 for 2008-2009.



Respectfully submitted,

Carol Senf, Chair