to: Ron Bohlander, Faculty Secretary

from: TyAnna Herrington

submitted: 9.22.10


Statutes Committee Annual Report 11.3.2009-9.22.2010



11.3.09- online meeting of Statutes Committee, comprised of Jeanne Balsam, Sam Graham, Rich Moore, student representative, Judd Ready, John Stein, and Ty Herrington, chair. Presented Faculty Definition updates and discussed.


1.15.10- received Andy Smith's task force's revision of faculty handbook from Carole Moore.


1.17.10 established Feb. 15th deadline for first-pass Statutes Committee review


2.8.10- 12pm face-to-face meeting to discuss first-pass handbook review.

In attendance: Jeanne Balsam, Sam Graham, Mary Ann Ingram, Rich Moore, Jud Ready, John Stein, Ty Herrington, chair


clarified process for reviewing changes to Faculty Handbook by Andy Smith's task force as follows:


(1)Committee members have already begun review of separate sections, with initial reviews due Feb. 15, 2010.


after initial review, committee will have identified portions of the handbook that require

- editing changes,

- closer review of inconsistencies with the existing handbook, and

- close review of policy issues.


editing changes and closer review of inconsistencies with existing handbook will be discussed and treated by email;


policy issues will be ranked in order for close review, discussion, and treatment, and


policy issues will then be considered, issue-by-issue in face-to-face meetings to be scheduled as necessary.


(2) Committee agreed that effective review will require time for careful treatment. Chair will establish a timeline that is effective for resolving issues and preparing changes for General Faculty approval.


(3) Committee agreed that it will present its changes, in conjunction with changes by Vice-Provost's Smith's task force, in a final version of the Faculty Handbook in toto.


(4) Committee members presented initial progress reports on section reviews to date.


(5) Committee began discussion of the need for a definition for "instructor" and will continue consideration, working through the process outlined above.


meeting adjourned at 1pm.


2.10- continued online work with task force handbook revision review.


2.28.10- post of 2d-run committee input in task force handbook revision review.


3.2.10- reported to Mary Ann Ingram in preparation of address to Executive Board. Action report and update: Statutes Committee members reviewed Faculty Handbook changes and commented on problem areas. Statutes Committee in process of treating editing and other minor issues as well as ranking policy issues for further treatment. Face-to-face April meeting expected.


4.7.10- continued interaction online regarding task force handbook changes


4.27.10--9.2.10-- J. Balsam and T, Herrington met face-to-face at regular intervals to engage in close review and discussion of task force changes to faculty handbook


8.19.10- 11am- meeting among R. Bohlander, J. Balsam, and T.Herrington to gather information, clarify understanding of historical background to aid further review of task force handbook changes


9.6.10 - online postings regarding plans for continued review of statutory language in fac handbook, focusing on identifying clearly the distinctive categories of policy, statutes, bylaws, procedures, information, and regulations and producing a structure to make categories visually accessible to all handbook readers


9.17.10- completed voting period for Statutes Committee chair- T. Herrington continues as chair


9.7.10-present- continued review under new category-focused procedures