Special Student Activities Committee Meeting

May 7, 2010


Committee members present: Mary-Frances Panettiere (Faculty member), Chris D’Urbano (Faculty member), Melissa Pitcher (SGA rep), Austin Edwards (SGA rep)


Meeting Chaired and minutes prepared by: Danielle McDonald (Secretary)


(According to the statues of the Faculty Senate’s Student Activities Committee an equal number of students and faculty/staff need to be on a special committee to approve the budget)


Danielle described the budget process outlining how organizations submit their budgets, the review process by the Joint Finance Committee, the approval process of the Undergraduate House and Graduate Senate, and finally the Joint Conference Committee.


Mary-Frances asked how decisions are made.  It was explained that there is a JFC policy that sets limits on funding allocations, then in the meetings JFC asked organizations what their priorities were, then the legislative bodies made decisions on the budget requests.



·                This year there were 5.1 million dollars requested from the 4.42 million dollar budget estimated. 


·                There has been an 80% increase in bill process requests, so SGA tries to keep a reserve buffer from the allocation process.


·                SGA has requested to the BOR an increase in the Student Activity Fee.  They requested a $5 increase which would result in a 4.7 million dollar budget.


·                Some cuts that were made across the board were publications and yearbook pictures, caps were placed on  advertising and room rentals.  Capped OSE at $10,000 only exception  was Ice Hockey because they charge $1,000 in dues


·                Bolded organizations are ones that have gotten budgets in the past, but did not apply this year.


·                Some organizations got more than requested because they were added in JFC or legislative meetings


·                Two organizations which requested budgets but did not get them are:

          Cricket Club because they do charge the minimum amount of dues required

          Student For Life because their requests were capital expenditures which should be            requested in the bill process


Mary-Frances moved and Chris seconded the motion to approve the budget


Unanimously approved