Tuesday, October 23, 2018, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater




1.     Call to Order and Opening Remarks President Peterson

2.     Approval of minutes of previous meeting April 17, 2018

3.     Announcements concerning the Georgia Tech Charitable Campaign Prof Bill Todd, Prof Karen Head, and Ms. Serena Wallace

4.     Faculty Handbook modification presentation Prof Joe Hughes, Statutes Past Chair and Prof Bill Hunt, Statutes Chair

a.      Section 3.2.2 Non-Tenure Track Academic Faculty: Hiring and Promotion Guidelines proposal

5.     Presentation of annual reports and pending minutes of Standing Committees of the Faculty

a.      Faculty Benefits Dr. Stephanie Merrick for Prof. Raquel Lieberman (Chair, 2016-18) and Cathy Carpenter (Chair, 2018-19)
 Minutes 08/31/17, 09/28/17, 10/26/17, 12/07/17, 01/25/18,  03/22/18, 04/26/18.  No action items.

b.      Faculty Honors Mr. Andrew Battigaglia for Dr. Nathan Moon (Chair, 2016-19). No action items.

c.      Faculty Status & Grievance Prof Andrew Peterson Chair (2017-18)

d.      Statutes Prof. Joe Hughes (Chair 2014-18) and Prof Bill Hunt (Chair 2018-19)

      Minutes 11/17/17, 04/13/18, 10/10/18. No action items other than those already covered above.

e.      Faculty Services Dr. David Gottfried, Chair 2017-18 and Dr. Chris Edmonds (Chair 2018-19)

Minutes 09/28/17, 10/30/17, 11/27/17, 01/29/18, 02/26/18, 03/12/18, 04/30/18. No action items.

f.      Welfare & Security Dr. Mark Mitchell for Ms. Patricia Kenly (2016-19)

      Minutes:  10/03/17. No action items.

6.     Presentation of annual reports and pending minutes of Standing Committees of the Academic Senate

a.   Undergraduate Curriculum Prof. Angus Wilkinson (Chair 2018-19)       Presentation

Minutes: 04/24/18, 05/08/18, 05/22/18, 06/12/18, 06/26/18, 08/07/18, 08/21/18, 09/04/18, 10/02/18.

Action items: From 05/08/18: AE: 5 new courses; Pub Policy: add core attributes to 3 existing courses; Int Affairs: 2 new courses with attributes; Mod Lang: pre-req mod, 8 new courses. From 06/12/18: Mod Lang: 11 new courses, 1 new course with attributes, new subject code PORT (Portuguese); Business: 1 new course, degree mod; Chem and BioChem: degree mod; MSE: 1 new course, minor mod. From 09/04/18: CoC and LMC: degree mod; MSE: degree mod; CoS: new course; Math: degree mod. From 10/02/18: Music: deactivate courses; Naval Sci: 1 new course; ISyE: 1 new course; Psyc: minor mod; MSE: degree mod; Econ: new degree option; BioSci: new subject code.

b.     Graduate Curriculum Prof Kristie Macrakis (Chair 2018-19)          Presentation

Minutes: 05/24/18, 06/21/18, 08/23/18, 09/06/18, 10/04/18.

Action Items: From 05/24/18: MOU GT Loraine and Central Casablanca; EAS: 13 new courses; CoC: 1 new course, degree mod; IC/AE/ECE/ME/BME: degree mod; CEE: 1 new course; City and Reg Plan: 1 new course. From 09/06/18: LMC: 3 new courses; Physics: 1 new course. From 10/04/18: IC: 1 new course; CoC: degree mod; Public Policy: new degree MSEEM;

c.      Student Regulations Chair, Prof. Al Ferri (2015-19)               Presentation

      Minutes: 05/01/18. 09/07/28. No action items.

d.   Student Academic & Financial Affairs Chair, Dr. Ruth Poproski (Chair 2016-18) and Prof. Hamid Garmestani (Chair 2018-19)          Presentation

e.      Student Activities Dr. Michael Evans (Chair 2017-19)

Minutes: 09/08/17, 10/04/17, 10/25/17, 11/08/17, 11/29/17, 01/30/18, 02/13/18, 04/03/18, 04/17/18, 04/20/19, 04/24/18.

Action items: Approval of all student activity charters and constitution revisions recommended by the committee as documented in their minutes and the annual report.

f.       Student Grievance & Appeal Chair, Prof. Elliot Moore (2015-19)

g.   Student Honor Chair, Prof. Jake Soper (2015-18)             

h.   Student Computer Ownership Ms. Jeanne Balsam, Secretary, for Prof. Ben Klein (Chair 2017-18)
Minutes: 10/03/17, 03/12/18.  No action items.

i.      Academic Integrity Prof. Jake Soper (Interim Chair 2018) and Dr. Melinda McDaniel (Chair 2018-19)        

Minutes: 10/26/17, 11/20/17.  No action items.

7.     Any other business.



Jeanne H. Balsam

Secretary of the Faculty

October 22, 2018