Tuesday, February 19, 2019, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater




1.     Call to Order and Opening Remarks – Provost Bras

2.     Approval of minutes of previous meeting – November 27, 2018

3.     Announcement from Presidential Search Committee – Prof Joe Hughes

4.     IT Governance presentation– Mark Hoeting, VP IT & Chief Information Officer; Jimmy Lummis, Chief Info Security Officer; and Daniela Staiculescu, Faculty Services Committee

5.     Faculty Handbook modification request – Prof Joe Hughes, Statutes Past Chair and Prof Bill Hunt, Statutes Chair

    1. 2.6 Standing Committees of the Faculty   presentation    handout

6.     Approval of minutes and action items of Standing Committees of the Academic Senate

a.       Undergraduate Curriculum – Prof. Angus Wilkinson, Chair       Presentation

Minutes: 12/11/18, 01/08/19, 01/22/19, 02/05/19

Action items: From 12/11: Math course update Math 1111; LMC: 4 new courses with humanities attributes, 5 new courses, degree mod. From 01/22: BioSci: 70 new courses with new BIOS prefix; Mod Lang: 5 new courses; History & Sociology: degree mod; Chem & Biochem: new course, new minor, degree mods; Vertically Integrated Prof (VIP): 2 new courses; Music: new course, deactivate 2 courses; CoC: new course; CoC/LMC: degree mod; LMC: 2 new courses; Econ: BS/MS option mod. From 02/05: Provost’s Advisory Committee on Academic Scheduling: new course definitions and changes to the Unit of Credit in the catalog; BioSci: degree mod; Econ and International Affairs: new BS/MS Option; BioSci: degree mod BS Neuroscience: Pub Policy: new course with ethics attribute, 4 new courses; ISyE: degree mod.

b.     Graduate Curriculum – Prof Kristie Macrakis, Chair         Presentation

Minutes: 12/06/18, 01/10/19, 02/07/19

Action Items: From 12/06: Econ: new BS/MS option; Physics: 4 new courses; CoC: new course, degree mod; Bldg Construction: 3 new courses. From 01/10: Vertically Integrated Project: 2 new courses; International Affairs: 1 new course; Public Policy: 2 new courses; City and Regional Planning: new dual degree option; Industrial Design: 8 new courses, new graduate embedded certificate; IC/AE/ECE/ME/Physics/BMED: 5 new courses, new degree. From 02/07: Provost’s Advisory Committee on Academic Scheduling: new course definitions and changes to the unit of credit; Econ/International Affairs: new BS/MS option; Pub Policy: new course;

c.      Student Regulations – Prof. Al Ferri, Chair              Presentation

Minutes: 11/02/18, 12/07/18, 01/25/19

Action Items: From 11/02: Changes to the Leave of Absence policy; From 01/25/19: changes to Responsible Conduct of Research policy, changes to English language requirement for grad programs; change in procedure for incoming freshmen to allow change in major.

7.     Any other business.



Jeanne H. Balsam

Secretary of the Faculty

February 19, 2019