Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater




1.     Call to Order and Opening Remarks – President Peterson

2.     Approval of minutes of previous meeting – November 15, 2016

3.     Three minute thesis competition winners – Dr. Susan Cozzens, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Faculty Development and David Bamburowski, Director of Graduate Studies

a.      Tesca Fitzgerald, Interactive Computing, Teaching Robots to Learn Skills

b.     Bharath Hebbe Madhusudhana, Physics, Reading out the Geometry from an Atom’s Memory

4.     Course Critique presentation– Ms. Nagela Nukuna, Student Body President, Undergraduate Student Government and Lindsey Eidson, SGA VP of Academic Affairs

5.     Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) Faculty Career Survey presentation and handout – Dr. Leslie Sharp, Associate Vice Provost, Grad Ed and Faculty Development

6.     Request for nominees for faculty governance positions – Dr. Elena Garcia, Chair of the Nominations Committee

7.     Approval of minutes and action items of Standing Committees of the Academic Faculty Senate

a.      Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee – Prof. Rhett Mayor, Chair          

Minutes: 11/29/16, 12/13/16, 01/10/17, 01/24/17, 02/07/17           Presentation

Action items: From 12/13: School of Biological Sciences: new course; School of Mod Lang: add course attribute; Dept of Naval Sciences: add course attribute; Vertically Integrated Project Program: new subject code VIP. From 01/24/17: Industrial Design: 4 new courses; ECE: posthumous degree. From 02/07: Dept. of Naval Sciences: new course, deactivate course; LMC: 2 new courses; CEE: 3 new courses; degree mod; Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain: new subject code SLS.

b.     Institute Graduate Curriculum Committee – Prof. Victor Breedveld, Vice Chair

Minutes: 12/01/16, 01/12/17, 02/02/17                           Presentation

Action Items: From 12/01: College of Business: degree modification; CoC-IC: new course; CoD-School of Building Construction: degree modification, 2 new courses. From 01/12: Bio Sci: 1 new course approved.  From 02/02: ECE: new certificate in BioRobotics; ISyE: new course.


c.      Student Regulations Committee – Prof. Al Ferri            Presentation

Minutes: 09/28/16, 11/16/16, 11/30/16

Action Items: From 11/30/16: Leave of Absence Policy; Readmission Policy


d.     Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee – Dr. Anne Pollock, Vice-Chair

      Minutes: 10/31/16, 11/21/16, 12/05/16, 01/17/17           Presentation


e.      Student Activities Committee – Ms. Jeanne Balsam, Secretary of Faculty for Prof Christophe Ippolito, Chair

      Minutes: 12/02/16

8.     Any other business.



Jeanne H. Balsam

Secretary of the Faculty

February 14, 2017


Links are provided to read ahead material as available