Tuesday, February 17, 2015, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater





1.      Opening Remarks by President Peterson.

2.      Approval of minutes of previous meeting of the Academic Faculty Senate November 18, 2014

3.      Request for nominees for faculty governance positions
Prof. Martha Grover, Chair of the Nominations Committee

4.   Recommendation of the Faculty Executive Board of someone to fill the role of Secretary of the Faculty upon the retirement of the current Secretary
Prof. Bob Kirkman, Chair

5.      Presentation and recommendation of revisions to the Faculty Handbook concerning remaining transitional sections 37.5.1 and 37.5.5.   
Prof. Joe Hughes, Chair of the Statutes Committee

6.      Briefing on new TechWorks portal
Ms. Carol Gibson, Controller, and Ms. Shalonda Cargill, Human Resources Chief of Staff

7.   Briefing on new federal standards for research grant and contract administration
Ms. Jilda Garton, VP Research, and Ms. Sandra Mason, Sr. Director Grants and Contracts

8.   Approval of Minutes of Standing Committees of the Faculty.

a)   Faculty Benefits Committee (Prof. Jason Freeman, Chair). 9/2/14, 10/7/14, 11/11/14, 12/9/14. No action items.

b)   Statutes Committee (Prof. Joe Hughes, Chair):  10/16/14, 1/15/15, 2/12/15.  No additional action items.

c)   Welfare and Security Committee (Mr. Andrew Hardin, Chair):  9/4/14, 10/23/14.  No action items.

9.      Approval of Minutes and Action Items of Standing Committees of the Academic Faculty.

a)      Institute Undergraduate Curriculum (IUCC) Committee (Prof. Rhett Mayor, Chair): 11/18/14, 12/9/14, 1/6/15, 1/13/15, 1/20/15, 2/10/15            Presentation

Action Items. From 11/18:  Math 11 new courses; Modern Languages 1 new course; ISyE deactivate 6 courses. From 1/13: AE 1 new course; Public Policy modification in the Law, Science, and Technology Minor and in the Pre-Law Certificate involving a change in electives; INTA terminate the Certificate in European Union Studies due to consolidation with the Certificate in European Affairs, and modification of the Certificate in Latin American Affairs involving changes in course options; Math 1 new course; CoC 1 course deactivation, a modification in the BS degree in Computer Science (Information Internet Thread) involving changes in course options, and a modification to the BS degree in Computer Science (People Thread) involving changes in required courses; new written statement on the definition a unit of course credit. From 2/10: HTS modification of the BS degree in History, Technology, and Science involving changes to course options and requirements; Business 2 new courses; CoC 2 new courses; INTA modification in the BS degree in International Affairs involving changes in course options +  modification in the BS degree in Economics and International Affairs involving changes in course options and requirements + modification in the BS degree in International Affairs and Modern Language involving changes in course options; ChBE 1 new course; ISyE 1 course deactivation and modification in the BS degree in Industrial Engineering involving course options; BME 4 new courses and a modification in the BS degree in Biomedical Engineering involving changes in course options and requirements

b)      Institute Graduate Curriculum Committee (IGCC) (Prof. Victor Breedveld, Chair):   1/15/15, 2/5/15         Presentation

Action Items. From 1/15: AE & ME 1 new course cross-listed in both schools; Architecture 2 new courses & modification in the name of the MS degree from MS with a major in Architecture to MS in Architecture along with some changes in course requirements; Business 13 new courses.  From 2/5:  Business 2 new courses, 1 course deactivation, & modification in the MBA involving more flexibility in electives; CoC 1 new course & modification in the MS degree in Computer Science involving changes in credit hours from 36 to 30, changes in course requirements, and changes in the structure of concentrations and specializations; ECE 1 new course; Architecture 4 new courses, 2 course deactivations, & modification in the Master of Architecture involving course requirements.  Note the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Subcommittee of the IGCC has been formed.

c)   Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee (SAFAC) (Prof. Craig Tovey, Chair): 12/3/14.  No action items.

10. Any Other Business.


Ronald A. Bohlander

Secretary of the Faculty

February 15, 2015


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