Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater




1.      Call to Order and Opening Remarks Provost Rafael Bras

2.      Approval of minutes of previous meeting November 19, 2019  

3.      OneUSG Connect information Greg Phillips, Sr Director Enterprise Resource Planning

4.      Faculty Handbook modification requests Dr. Chris James, Statutes Committee presentation and handout

a.       2, Faculty Governance: Secretary duties

b.      2.1, Faculty Executive Board: Replacement of Members

c.       2.1, Faculty Executive Board: University System of Georgia Faculty Council

d.      2.6.1, Faculty Benefits Committee

e.       3.3.6, Promotion

5.   University System of Georgia Faculty Council representative request Prof Joe Hughes

6.      Nominations Committee status Prof Craig Tovey, Chair of the Nominations Committee

7.   Approval of minutes and action items of Standing Committees of the Faculty Senate

a.   Statutes Committee Dr. Chris James, Chair

Minutes: 09/25/19, 10/16/19, 11/20/19. No additional action items.

8.      Approval of minutes and action items of Standing Committees of the Academic Senate

a.   Graduate Curriculum Prof Brandon Dixon, Vice-chair          Presentation

Minutes: 12/05/19, 01/09/20, 02/06/20.

Action Items: From 12/05/19: ISYE: new course; BioSci: 5 new courses, degree mod; IntA: new course. From 01/09/20: Physics: new course; Computer Sci: new course; ME: new course; ECE: degree mod. From 02/06/20: IntA: new degree; Arch: 4 new courses, 5 deactivated courses, degree mod; Mod Lang: 4 new courses, MSE: 1 new course, new embedded certificate; IntA/Econ: 1 new cross-listed course, 1 deactivate course; IntA/Econ/City & Regional Planning: new stand-alone certificate; AE; 2 new courses; IntA/AE: new stand-alone certificate; CHBE: 1 new course.

b.     Undergraduate Curriculum Prof Angus Wilkinson, Chair       Presentation

Minutes: 12/12/19, 01/07/20, 01/21/20, 02/04/20.

Action items: From 12/12/19: HSOC/LMC/Pub Policy: Minor Mod; BioEng: 2 new courses, degree mod; AE: degree mod; CEE: degree mod; BioSci: degree mod. From 01/21/20: BioSci: new course. Modern Lang: 4 new courses. From 02/04/20: International Education: Plan updates; EAS: degree mod; ME/MSE: new course;. Build Const: reactivate degree program, 4 new courses, deactivate 2 courses, degree mod; Mod Lang: 3 new courses.

c.   Student Regulations Prof. Jerry Seitzman, Chair 2019-20               Presentation

      Minutes: 11/08/19, 12/11/19.  No action items.

d.   Student Academic & Financial Affairs Dr. Kate Williams, Vice-chair    Presentation

Minutes: 12/04/19.  No action items.      

e.      Student Activities Mr. Ameet Doshi, Chair 2019-20   Presentation

Minutes: 01/24/20, 02/07/20.

Action items: Approval of all student activity charters and constitution revisions recommended by the committee as documented in their minutes.

f.      Student Computer Ownership Dr. Emily Weigel, Chair  

Minutes: 10/23/19, 02/04/20  

Action items: Approve the Student Computer Ownership Guide.

9.     Any other business.



Jeanne H. Balsam

Secretary of the Faculty

February 10, 2020