Faculty Benefits Committee

Monday, May 3, 2010

8:00 9:00 AM, OHR Conference Room


Present: Bettina Cothran (chair), Wayne Book, Richard Dagenhart, Dave Millard, Sharon Ray, Barry Sharp, Teresa Snow.


Absent: Marita Sullivan



Minutes from 4/12/10 were reviewed and approved.


Fall meeting times were discussed. The committee will meet on:


Monday, August 30,  8:30 - 10:00

Monday, September 20, 8:30 - 10:00

Monday, October 11, 8:30 - 10.00  

Monday, November 15, 8:30 - 10.00


All meetings will take place in the OHR conference room unless otherwise specified.




Sharon Ray: Shared Leave: Final policy will be e-mailed to Faculty Benefits Committee this week. There were no substantive changes. Adjustments were made to better align policy with BOR and peer institution policies. Goal is to gain approvals so that enrollment can begin in the fall with start date Jan 1st.

Sharon Ray : Long Term Care

Open enrollment is underway through Friday, May 7. Currently about 50 employees have enrolled. These numbers are expected to increase as deadline approaches. Some employees may have needed time to compare this policy with existing policies they may have enrolled in outside of GT.


2nd mailing (postcards) went out last week.

There were five requests for onsite meetings. These were held two weeks ago. Overall attendance was good and there were a number of questions addressed.


Sharon Ray: Health Care Mandate

Some provisions of the health care mandate will go in effect Jan. 1st

Among these provisions, health care coverage will be extended to dependents up to the age of 26 who qualify. Health and Human Services has recommended going ahead and instituting coverage prior to January.


Other provisions are: 1) No lifetime maximum and 2) No exclusions for pre-existing conditions

(which is currently in place at GT).


It is not yet clear how the mandate will affect retirees and premiums for next year.


Sharon Ray: Great Colleges to Work For

GT will be participating in survey again. We are currently working on the application.

Action Item: Further updates will be e-mailed to FBC.


Betting Cothran: Restructure of FBC

Discussions have taken place with Ron Bohlander and Executive Committee to possibly reconfigure the FBC to include staff representation. This would increase the number of members for sub committees and help OHR when making changes & choosing panel members.


Ron Bohlander and the Executive Committee were both very receptive to the idea.


To move further:

Process needs to be identified.

Procedure/scope of responsibility also needs to be addressed.

While details are being worked out, it may be possible to appoint members temporarily.


Action Item: Further discussions on restructure to take place in the fall.


Sharon Ray: BC/BS High Deductible Plan

No issues with plan.

There has been a question regarding the HSA and long-term care. Long-term care premiums can be paid out of an HAS account regardless of who the policy is with.


If you have made payments out of personal funds, you can request a checkbook and reimburse yourself for premiums.


Next FBC Meeting


Monday, August 30th, OHR Conference Room