Faculty Benefits Committee

Monday, April 12, 2010

8:00 – 9:00 AM, OHR Conference Room


Present:   Bettina Cothran (chair), Wayne Book, Richard Dagenhart, Chuck Donbaugh, Dave Millard, Sharon Ray, Barry Sharp, Teresa Snow.

Absent:  Marita Sullivan


Minutes from 3/01/10 were reviewed and approved.


  1. Sharon Ray :  Long Term Care

a.  Open enrollment underway through May 7. 

      Effective Date June 1st.

b.  Offered through John Hancock.



2.    Sharon Ray:  Health Plan Dependent Care Audit

            a.    Active and retirees will have to provide proof of eligibility for all dependents; the amnesty period with no questions asked extends through April 21. In the following verification period, inaccurate information could result in action taken by OHR.

           b.  Notice sent out to all employees and retirees; notice also on website.


3.   Sharon Ray:  Shared Leave

Final changes are being made to bring the policy in accord with BoR policy, as well as policy of peer institutions. Final draft anticipated to be available at the May 3rd meeting for approval and sending on to Faculty Executive Board.

4.   Teresa Snow:  Worksite Wellness

            a.   Met with UGA reps who are working on study.

b.   Was provided with a copy of toolkit at meeting and reviewed it.

c.   Toolkit does not seem to meet needs of Georgia Tech.  It would be good if a company were just starting to develop plan, but we already have a number of  offerings in place.  It does not seem that toolkit would help us improve existing programs.

d.   Next steps are to meet with BC/BS rep and discuss their 360 program.  We may  be able to make use of their offerings and tie them in with our existing options.

 Action Item—Further updates on Worksite Wellness project as they become available.


New Business:

1. Wayne Book brought up issue of unused vacation leave.  Article in Sunday’s AJC http://www.ajc.com/news/government-waste/vacation-policy-takes-toll-449447.html) points to budget issues created by employees close to retirement in TRS having large amounts of unused vacation time which will have to be paid out upon retirement.  Issue      came up when legislators were considering early retirement options aimed at trimming state budget. At present, no changes are anticipated.  Situation will be monitored closely. 

2. A letter received by an employee was discussed which was critical about  BCBS procedures and payment  policies.  Sharon Ray is looking into the matter.

3. A brief discussion centered on anticipated changes to the health care plans, based on government  mandated changes after new laws governing health care are effective (earliest date:  January 1, 2011).  Possible changes may include provisions on existing conditions and life time benefit caps.

4. the committee discussed a possible reconfiguration of the FBC to include staff representation.  A larger board would also be desirable as it would provide a larger base for various sub committees.

Action item: Bettina Cothran to explore this idea with Ron Bohlander.


Schedule of FBC Meetings for Fall Semester