Faculty Benefits Committee

Monday, March 1, 2010

8:25 – 9:55, OHR Conference Room


Present:   Bettina Cothran (chair), Chuck Donbaugh, Dave Millard, Sharon Ray, Barry Sharp, Teresa Snow.


Absent:   Wayne Book, Richard Dagenhart.



Minutes from 1/25/10 were reviewed and approved.



        1.  Sharon Ray :  Long Term Care

a.   Communications start March 29th.

b.   Open enrollment (online with paper option) will be April 12-May 7.  Effective Date June 1st.

c.   Offered through John Hancock.

d.   All active employees are eligible without evidence of insurability.  Spouses, retirees, etc, can enroll but must have evidence of insurability.

e.   Employees will have several selections.

                  -Six choices for daily max. benefit

                  -Two choices for lifetime max. benefit

                        -Provision for Homecare


2.    Sharon Ray:  ORP Change

    1. Number of vendors will be reduced to Fidelity, TIAA-CREF and VALIC.  American Century (less than 150 participants) will no longer be offered.
    2. American Century participants can leave their account as it is without moving, but can no longer contribute to American Century (effective Aril 1, 2010).
    3. They must elect new vendor.  Otherwise, contributions will default to TIAA-CREF.  Employees who default can change their account later.
    4. Announcement will be mailed 2/12 to each participant (second communication on 2/26). Postcard ~ 3/15.


3.    Sharon Ray:  TRS Change

a.       Employee contribution increasing (effect July 1, 2010).  Increase from 5.25% to 5.53%

b.      Employer contribution will increase from 9.74% to 10.28%.

c.       Changes do not change promised benefit.



4.   Sharon Ray:  Health Plan Dependent Care Audit

a.       Initiated by BOR.  Will be conducted by independent company (Chapman-Kelly)

b.      Active and retirees will have to provide proof of eligibility for all dependents. 

Action Item—Further details will follow


5.   Sharon Ray:  Shared Leave

a.   Presented at GT Admin Net meeting

b.   Number of questions raised—overall impressions were favorable.

c.   Currently forming group to meet on details to make sure we have constituents we need.

d.   Although going slower than anticipated, goal is to have implemented by the end of the semester.

Action Item—Further updates at next meeting.


6.   Sharon Ray:  Phased-in retirement

a.   Currently in discussion

b.   Retired but working program communicated Feb.  2009.

c.   Are there other suggestions?

Action Item—FBC to think about suggestions for next meeting.


7.   Teresa Snow:  Worksite Wellness Opportunity

a.   GA Tech was selected to participate if feasible.  

b.   Phone interview held on 1/26.  Not much more informative than initial conference call. 
UGA Workplace Health Group has scheduled site visit for 3/15 to discuss toolkit further. 
Suggest we also proceed with BC/BS to learn more about 360 program and what they are currently doing.

Action Item—Further updates on Work Healthy Georgia project as they become available.


Schedule of FBC Meetings for Spring Semester

Meetings will occur in the OHR Conference Rm (220) from 8:25-9:55 on the following dates:

            Monday, April 12th  (moved from April 5th)

            Monday, May 3rd



 Addendum Sent by Sharon Ray following 1/25 meeting: 

Georgia Tech will again participate in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Great Colleges to Work For study.

Two part study:

•           Random sample survey of 600 Faculty/Staff

•           Institutional Questionnaire


Study participation is a collaborative effort between HR, COMM, IT, IRP and the Office of the President.


The Timeline is as follows:

•           Institutional Questionnaire

–          Completed by HR

–          03/05/2010 to 04/16/2010

             Examples of the topics on the IQ are:

•           Emergency Response Plan

•           Operating Budget - Latest Fiscal Year

•           Wellness Programs

•           Tuition Reimbursement Programs

•           Training and Development

•           Employee Surveys

•           Environmental Sustainability

•           Employee Survey

–          03/22/2010 to 04/16/2010

•           Results provided to Tech by 07/19/2010

•           Chronicle Publication on 07/30/2010


The Communications plan will consist of:

•           Announcements sent to random participants from Dr. Peterson

–          Initial = Target 03/17/2010

–          Follow-Up reminder = Target 04/07/2010

•           Ongoing communications

–          Daily News Buzz, Whistle, Admin Net, Faculty Benefits Committee, HR Reps,    etc.

•           ModernThink, LLC, the research firm selected by the Chronicle will also send       communications