Faculty Benefits Committee

Monday, January 25, 2010

8:25 – 9:55, OHR Conference Room


Present:   Bettina Cothran (chair), Wayne Book, David Bottoms (Bottoms Group), Chuck Donbaugh, Dave Millard, Sharon Ray, Marita Sullivan, Teresa Snow.


Absent:  Richard Dagenhart, Barry Sharp.



Minutes from 11/23/09 were reviewed and approved.


  1. Sharon Ray :  Long Term Care (presentation by David Bottoms, Bottoms Group) --
    1. sent request for quotes to 27 companies, 7 responded, culled down to 1 company (John Hancock) –
    2. no medical questions on enrollment,
    3. allows enrollment of spouses, children and relatives
    4. rate fixed for 5 years –
    5. looking for a Spring 2010 rollout

-          the enrollment will be directly through John Hancock, although the deductions will be through payroll.  Employees can go online and request packet directly from John Hancock.  This is a one –time opportunity to sign up with guaranteed issue.  If employee waits until later, they must have a medical evaluation.


  1.  Sharon Ray:  Health Savings Account –
    1. half of seed money goes to US Bank at end of January.  Second half will be deposited mid-year.
    2. fees (recent announcement) –A $15 activation fee (waived if you were a previous member) and a monthly service fee of $3.25 for all participants.
    3. OHR will send out a notice about the fees.  This was something that OHR couldn’t control.  The change in terms is system-wide.


  1. Worksite Wellness Opportunity -- Teresa Snow
    1. New resource toolkit designed to help businesses plan, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive worksite wellness programs
    2. Funded in part through the Dept of Health and Human services
    3. Application for participation sent by Christie Stewart (Assistant Director GIT Fit Programs, CRC) as part of GO TECH Initiative
    4. Expected to hear back in late December as to whether GT was among sites selected.  Have not heard back yet.  Christie Stewart has prompted them for response.
    5. May allow us to link existing programs to improve work-life balance.

Action Item—Further updates on Work Healthy Georgia project as they become available.


  1.  Shared Leave – Bettina Cothran and Dave Millard
    1. In final review
    2. Issues with the Board of Regents documents have to be reconciled
    3. Should have a plan to vote on by the next meeting

Action Item—Bettina Cothran to send proposal out to FBC members before next meeting so that everyone can look at it and decide on a recommendation to Executive Committee at our next meeting.


  1. Old Business:  Furloughs—Chuck Donbaugh
    1. GT employees will take 2 days during spring semester
    2. Must be used by 15th of May.  Should be scheduled with individual department chairs by Feb 28th.
    3. There has been some confusion with respect to the number of days.  The Governor called for an additional 3 days for state employees.  The Chancellor had already called for that, which was counted as our 6 total.


  1. New Business:  Discussion on Phased-in retirement
    1. Employees would set date in advance and negotiate workload.  To be worked out with the head of the school.
    2. Currently in discussion
    3. Comparing different policies.
    4. One option: return to work after official retirement. May be hourly as needed – GTRI.  At GT, employee can retire and come back at 49% or less, but has to be approved by the President.


  1. Please look at your next paycheck/stub to verify the 2010 Benefits are correct
    1. Faculty Benefits Committee (Bettina Cothran or Sharon Ray) to put a blurb in the Georgia Tech Daily Digest, http://www.gatech.edu/daily/digest/



Schedule of FBC Meetings for Spring Semester

Meetings will occur in the OHR Conference Rm (220) from 8:25-9:55 on the following dates:

            Monday, March 1st

            Monday, April 5th

            Monday, May 3rd