Faculty Benefits Committee Annual Report

Sept. 2009 – Sept 2010


Committee Members: Bettina Cothran (Mod Lang, Chair), Wayne Book (ME), Richard Dagenhart (Arch), Dave Millard(GTRI)- Executive Board Liaison;  Clint Demetriou (OHR)- through September 2009; Sharon Ray, Barry Sharp (GTRI), Teresa Snow(Applied Physiology);Vytautis Valencius (Stud. Rep.) as of Aug. 2010; Chuck Donbaugh (OHR)* - ex officio  member; 

*Replaced by Marita Sullivan (OHR) May 2010


Long Term Care: in Spring 2010, LTC was offered for the first time. LTC is offered through the John Hancock Company.  During the enrollment period , all active employees were  eligible without evidence of insurability.  Spouses,   retirees, etc., can enroll but must have evidence of insurability.


Donated Leave: after thorough discussions, the FBC is pleased that Donated Leave will be an option for all GT employees, eligible for sick leave, who are faced by catastrophic illnesses and who have exhausted their own resources of leave and sick days.  All employees wanting to donate unused sick leave will be able to do so starting with  Open enrollment 2010. Participation is voluntary, and guidelines will be available. [Note:  GTRI will continue to follow its own plan at this time.]

  Short Term Disability wait time reduced:  in an effort to serve GT employees better who are faced with a STD condition, including pregnancies,  the waiting period to receive benefits was reduced  to 2 weeks.

Workside Wellness opportunity:  Teresa Snow spearheaded an effort to increase health awareness in the work place.

Changes in Health Insurance: For the 2010 plan year, employees enrolled in the High Deductible Health Plan could enroll in a Health Savings Account through U.S. Bank and contribute via payroll deductions.   This may be advantageous to a large constituency of employees, however, careful consideration and counseling is advised.  The HDHS was “seeded” with $750.00 for individuals and $ 1500.00 for families in 2010, and will again be seeded in 2011 at half these amounts.

 A BOR required dependent care audit was duly performed in the Spring of 2010.

Discussion is underway to broaden the scope  of the  FBC to include staff representation.