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Tuesday, November 27, 2018, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater




1.     Call to Order and Opening Remarks – Provost Bras

2.     Approval of minutes of previous meeting – October 23, 2018

3.     Presentation of Degree Candidates – Ms. Reta Pikowsky, Registrar

4.     Comprehensive Administrative Review (CAR) Georgia Tech’s Participation handout – Dr. Sonia Alvarez-Robinson, Exec Director for Strategic Consulting

5.     Request for nominees for faculty governance positions – Ms. Jeanne Balsam, Secretary, for Dr. Erick Maxwell, Chair of the Nominations Committee

6.     Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) report – Dr. Charles Isbell, Executive Associate Dean, College of Computing

7.     Textbook Costs and Alternative Resources Task Force presentation and handout – Ms. Elizabeth Holdsworth, Library, Faculty Services and Dr. Colin Potts, Vice Provost Undergrad Education

8.     Approval of minutes and action items of Standing Committees of the Academic Senate

a.   Undergraduate Curriculum – Dr. Mindy Millard-Stafford, Vice-Chair       Presentation

Minutes: 11/06/18

Action items: From 11/06: Computing: updated information, for 11 courses; Music: degree mod, deactivate certificate; Modern Lang: minor mod, 2 new courses, degree mods; CEE: 3 new courses, minor mod; ECE: 3 new courses, deactivate course, degree mod; Dept of AF Aerospace Studies: 1 new course, deactivate 8 courses; Public Policy: minor mod; LMC: 1 new course, deactivate 27 courses, 4 course updates. From 11/27/18: posthumous degree award.

b.     Graduate Curriculum – Prof Kristie Macrakis, Chair         Presentation

Minutes: 11/01/18

Action Items: From 11/01: Public Policy: new Certificate, Computing: 3 new courses; Music: 2 new courses; City & Regional Planning: 3 new courses, degree mod, deactivate 1 course; ECE: 4 new courses, certificate mod, degree mod.

c.      Student Regulations – Prof. Al Ferri, Chair              Presentation

      Minutes:  10/12/18

      Action Items: From 10/12/18: New Final Exam policy, modify Leave of Absence policy

d.   Student Academic & Financial Affairs – Prof. Hamid Garmestani, Chair    Presentation

Minutes: 09/27/18, 10/25/18.  No action items.     

e.      Student Activities – Dr. Michael Evans (Chair 2017-19)

Minutes: 09/10/18, 09/24/18, 10/15/18, 10/29/18, 11/05/18, 11/12/18

Action items: Approval of all student activity charters and constitution revisions recommended by the committee as documented in their minutes and the annual report.

9.     Any other business.



Jeanne H. Balsam

Secretary of the Faculty

November 27, 2018