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Tuesday, April 19, 2016, 3:00 pm

Student Center Theater



1.     Call to Order and Opening Remarks – Provost Bras

2.     Approval of minutes of previous meeting – February 16, 2016

3.     Presentation and approval of degree candidates for spring graduation – Ms. Reta Pikowsky, Registrar

4.     Commission on Creating the Next in Education Presentation – Prof. Bonnie Ferri

a.      Fact Sheet

b.     Speaker Series (April 26)

  1. Faculty Handbook modification Presentation and Request– Professor Joe Hughes, Statutes Committee Chair

a.      Academic Professional - section 3.2.2 withdrawn for further review

b.     Lecturers - section 3.2.2 withdrawn for further review

c.      Feedback to Faculty Members – section 3.3.8

d.     Waiver form – section 3.3.8

e.      Evaluation of School Chairs – section 3.3.10

f.      Adjunct and Clinical Appointments – new section 3.2.3

6.     Classroom and Academic Scheduling Task Force – Dr. Steven Girardot, VP for Undergrad Education and Prof. Hughes

a.      Project Update

b.     Guiding Principles draft

7.     Approval of Minutes and Action Items of Standing Committees of the Faculty

a.     Statutes Committee – Prof. Joe Hughes, Chair 04/04/16. No additional action items.

b.      Faculty Services Committee – Ms. Susan Parham, Chair 09/01/15, 11/09/15, 01/11/16, 02/08/16, 03/14/16. No action items.


8.     Approval of Minutes and Action Items of Standing Committees of the Academic Faculty

a.      Institute Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (IUCC) – Prof. Rhett Mayor, Chair          

Minutes: 02/23/16, 03/01/16, 03/15/16, 03/29/16, 04/05/16, 04/12/16    Presentation

Action items. From 03/01: LMC – add ethics attribute to existing course; Biology – 1 new course with ethics attribute; From 03/29: Modern Lang – 1 new French course; Economics – 1 new course; Civil and Environ Eng – 1 new course; CoE – all schools request to exclude PHYS 2xxx (AP credit) toward degree requirements as it is not calculus-based as required for programs w/in CoE; Chem & Biomolecular Eng – 1 new course; CoC – 1 new course, degree modifications in BSCS: Systems & Architecture Thread requesting addition of Digital Design Lab as required course, Information Internetworks thread remove a course from the list; Theory Threads update changes to Math courses, All Threads changes to MATH courses to focus on core MATH core courses for all threads, Modeling Sim threads update changes to MATH courses and correct catalog CS 1171 “C” minimum grade as class is only P/F, Intelligence Threads new course number for Computer Vision course, Devices Threads ECE 4185 no longer available replace with ECE 4180; LMC – degree medication BS in Computational Media (all threads) changes to MATH core courses; PSYC – degree modification for BS Psyc and BS Pscy (Business Option) to correct previous proposal 4778 to add “C-minimum” to Group B course 6 hour picks; From 04/12: CoS – award posthumous degree; MSE – degree modifications: Polymer and Fiber Concentration drop 1 required course, All concentrations add 1 course MSE 1770 as directed elective course in CAD/CAE; School of Arch – add 7 new courses, deactivate 4 courses, degree medication BS Arch; Industrial Design – 8 new courses, deactivate 4 courses, degree mod BSID; CoA – name change to College of Design; App Physiology – 1 new course; College of the Registrar – 1 new course GT 2000: Transfer Student Seminar; ChBE – 3 new courses, Pulp and Paper Certificate modification.

b.     Institute Graduate Curriculum Committee (IGCC) – Prof. Victor Breedveld, Chair

Minutes:  03/10/16, 04/14/16                                           Presentation

Action Items. From 03/10: Schools of CSE, Business and ISyE - 3 new cross-listed courses; Schools of CHBE, ME, and ECE - Microelectromechanical (MEMS) Certificate modification; CoC – CS PhD degree modification to add Programming Proficienty, updated new course number for Computer Vision, HCC specialization updated new course numbers for Computer Vision, MSCS degree mods: Comp Perception & Robotics concentration add elective course under Perception subheading, Computational Perception & Robotics and Computer Graphics concentrations update course # for Computer Vision; School of Building Construction - four new courses, six special topics courses, new degree Professional Master’s in Occupational Safety and Health (PMOSH). From 04/14: CoA – name change to College of Design; School Civil and Envion Eng – specialization title change “Construction Engineering” to “Construction and Infrastructure Systems Engineering”, 4 new courses; BME – degree mod PhD Biomedical Engineering (GT/Emory and GT/Emory/Peking), MSBME degree mod; MSE – PhD MSE degree mod, 3 new courses; CoE – 1 new course, degree mod PMASE formally add special topics course to PMASE; CoC – PhD degree mod remove courses not taught in Networking and Communication breadth list and add 1 new course; Public Policy – 2 new courses, deactivate 1 course; Applied Physiology – 1 new course; ECE – 3 new courses; Schools of Interactive Comp, Industrial Design, Psychology, and LMC – MS Human-Computer Interaction degree mod.

c.      Student Regulations Committee – Prof. Al Ferri, Chair

Minutes: 02/25/16, 03/31/16, 04/07/16, 04/15/16            Presentation

Action items. From 02/25: Examinations Policy clarified related to the changes in the academic calendar; Grades Policy clarified when graded assignments are provided for students. From 04/07: Change of Major regulation; From 04/15: Changes to Student Code of Conduct from BoR policy for all USG institutions effective July 1, 2016.

d.     Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee Minutes (SAFAC) – Dr. Anne Pollock, Chair                                                                             

Minutes:  02/18/16, 03/15/16   No action items              Presentation

Topics addressed include religious observances excused absences, time to graduation, admission processes and practices, report on excused absences processed during fall 2015.

e.      Student Computer Ownership Committee – Prof Roman Grigoriev, Chair

      Minutes: 11/13/15, 12/10/15, 02/29/16  

      Action item: Approval of the Computer Ownership Guide for 2016-17

9.     Status of Faculty Elections – Ms. Jeanne Balsam, Secretary of the Faculty

10.   Any other business




Jeanne H. Balsam

Secretary of the Faculty

April 20, 2016


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