Election Results as Approved by the Executive Board April 9, 2002



Executive Board Representing College of Engineering

Replacing Yorai Wardi

Andrew Peterson (ECE) Elected


Executive Board Representing College of Sciences

Replacing Dwight Hall

Ahmet Turgay Uzer (Phys) Elected


Executive Board Representing the Ivan Allen College

Replacing Peter McGuire

Jay Telotte (LCC) Elected


Executive Board Representing Services & Central Administration

Replacing Charles Estes

Gayle Warren (EDI) Elected


Executive Board Representing GTRI

Replacing Gisele Welch

Jeffrey Evans (ITTL) Elected


Executive Board Representing GTRI

Replacing Mark Richards

James T. Horton (BD) Elected


General Faculty Faculty Benefits Committee

Replacing Christina Shalley

Robert D. Atkins (CoE) Elected


General Faculty Faculty Honors Committee

Replacing Richard LeBlanc

Kirsten Ely (MGT) Elected


General Faculty Faculty Status & Grievance Committee

Replacing Jay Telotte

Gisele Welch (GTRI) Elected

Replacing Erik Verriest

Erik Verriest (ECE) Elected


General Faculty Statutes Committee

Replacing Richard Combes

Ronald Bohlander (GTRI) Elected

Replacing Sandra Corse

Jonathan Moore (OIT) Elected


General Faculty Academic Services

Replacing Nancey Green Leigh

Larry Hodges (CoC) Elected

Replacing Ronald Bohlander

Jane Weyant (CoE) Elected


General Faculty Welfare & Security

Replacing Frank Lambert

Frank Lambert (ECE) Elected


Academic Faculty Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

(which is being reorganized)

New Position (3-year term)

Christopher Jarrett (ARCH) Elected

New Position (3-year term)

John Stasko (CoC) Elected

New Position (2-year term)

John Tone (IAC) Elected

Replacing Aldo Ferri (1-year term)

Christopher S. Lynch (ME) Elected

Replacing James Hartley (3-year term)

Jeffrey Davis (ECE) Elected

Replacing Lakshmi Sankar (2-year term)

Lakshmi Sankar (AE) Elected

Replacing Scott Wills (ECE) (3-year term)

Donald Scott Wills (ECE) Elected

New Position (1-year term)

Paul Kohl (ChE) Elected

New Position (3-year term)

Charles Parsons (MGT) Elected

New Position (3-year term)

Thomas Moran (Chem) Elected


Academic Faculty Graduate Committee

Replacing Sue Bidstrup-Allen

Sue Ann Bidstrup-Allen (ChE) Elected

Replacing Stephen DeWeerth

Stephen DeWeerth (ECE) Elected

Replacing Arthur Fisk


Arthur Fisk (PSY) Elected

Replacing Monson Hayes

Monson Hayes (ECE) Elected

Replacing Nolan Hertel

David Hertling (ECE) Elected

Replacing David McDowell

Julie Jacko (IsyE) Elected

Replacing Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders (MSE) Elected


Academic Faculty Student Regulations Committee

Replacing Laurence Jacobs

Laurence Jacobs (CEE) Elected

Replacing Alan Larson

Thomas Habetler (ECE) Elected


Academic Faculty Student Academic & Financial Affairs

Replacing Kimberly Kurtis

Kimberly Kurtis (CEE) Elected


Academic Faculty Student Activities Committee

Replacing William Brent Carter

W. Jude Leblanc (ARCH) Elected

Replacing Christopher Jarrett

Gregory Abowd (CoC) Elected


Academic Faculty Student Grievance & Appeal Committee

Replacing Roberto Leon

Alfred Andrew (MATH) Elected


Academic Faculty Student Honor Committee

Replacing W. Jack Lackey

Francis Joseph Schork (ChE) Elected


Academic Faculty Student Computer Ownership Committee

Replacing Gregory Abowd

Michael Gamble (ARCH) Elected

Replacing Kathy Tomajko

David M. Smith (CoC) Elected


Representative of the Services & Central Administration Constituency to the General Faculty Assembly


Replacing Mary Trauner

Barbara Hall (Enroll Srs) Elected

Replacing Barbara Henry

Jonathon Moore (GTRC) Elected