Results Presented to the Executive Board April 13, 2004


Executive Board – Representing College of Engineering

Replacing Larry Kahn


·        Joe Hughes (ECE) Elected


Executive Board – Representing College of Sciences

Replacing Jack Marr


·        Jeannette Yen (Biology) Elected


New Position


·        Phillip First (Physics) Elected


Executive Board – Representing the College of Computing

Replacing Leo Mark


·        James Foley (CoC) Elected


Executive Board – Representing Services & Central Administration

Replacing Barbara Henry


·        Tom Akins (Coop Div) Elected




General Faculty – Faculty Benefits Committee

Replacing Michael Chang


·        Michael Chang (EAS) Elected


Replacing Marc Goetschalckx


·        Heather Gorman (Tech Licensing) Elected


General Faculty – Faculty Honors Committee

Replacing Linda Thomas-Mobley


·        Linda Thomas-Mobley (Arch) Elected


Replacing Paul Steffes 


·        Paul Steffes (ECE) Elected


New Position


·        Bill Hunt (ECE) Elected


New Position


·        John McIntyre (Mgmt) Elected



General Faculty – Faculty Status & Grievance Committee

Replacing Jack Feldman


·        Jack Feldman (Psych) Elected


Replacing Anthony Wasilewski


·        Anthony Wasilewski (GTRI) Elected


Replacing Charles Ume


·        Wayne Book (ME) Elected



General Faculty – Statutes Committee

Replacing Jim Cofer


·        Paul Griffin (ISYE) Elected


General Faculty – Academic Services

Replacing Lynn Fountain


·        Myrtle Turner (GTRI) Elected


Replacing Jeffrey Donnell


·        Jeffrey Donnell (ME) Elected


Replacing Joseph Hoey


·        Joseph Hoey (OARS/Provost) Elected

General Faculty – Welfare & Security

Replacing Tom Akins


·        Carole Moore (Provost) Elected


Replacing Gail Palmer


·        Gail Palmer (ECE) Elected



Academic Faculty – Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Replacing Lakshmi Sankar


·        Janet Hampikian (MSE) Elected



Replacing Joe Hughes


·        Doug Williams (ECE) Elected

Replacing David Finkelstein


·        Terry Snell (Biology) Elected


Replacing Michael Lacey


·        Michael Schatz (Physics) Elected


Replacing John Tone


·        John Tone (HTS) Elected

Replacing Mark Guzdial


·        Mark Guzdial (CoC) Elected


Academic Faculty – Graduate Committee

Replacing Minami Yoda


·        Marilyn Smith (AE) Elected


Replacing Ken Will  


·        Mike Saunders (CEE) Elected

Replacing Sabir Khan


·        John Peponis (Arch) Elected


Replacing Bill Green


·        Bill Green (Math) Elected


Replacing Ann Bostrom


·        Janet Murray (LCC) Elected


Academic Faculty – Student Regulations Committee

Replacing Paul Benkeser


·        Jeff Streator (ME) Elected


Replacing Barbara Walker


·        Bill Drummond (Arch) Elected


Academic Faculty – Student Activities Committee

Replacing Mary-Frances Panettiere


·        Nancy Simons (Library) Elected


Replacing Tom Morley


·        Tom Morley (Math) Elected


Academic Faculty – Student Grievance & Appeal Committee

Replacing David Shook


·        Richard Neu (ME) Elected   


Academic Faculty – Student Honor Committee

Replacing Cheryl Contant    


·        Cheryl Contant (Arch) Elected


Replacing Ray Vito   


·        Ray Vito (ME) Elected


Replacing Barbara Blackbourn-Jansma   


·        Barbara Blackbourn-Jansma (ModLangs) Elected


Replacing Betty Dowling


·        Kathy Tomajko (Library) Elected

Replacing Gus Giebelhaus


·        Gus Giebelhaus (HTS) Elected


Academic Faculty – Student Computer Ownership Committee

Replacing Eric Carlen


·        Eric Carlen (Math) Elected


Replacing Jim McClellan


·        Jim McClellan (ECE) Elected


Academic Faculty -- Academic Integrity Committee

Replacing Russ Callen


·        Bob Kirkman  (Public Policy) Elected



Representative of the Services & Central Administration Constituency to the General Faculty Assembly

Replacing Ralph Mobley


·        Ralph Mobley (Career Serv) Elected


Replacing Susan Paraska


·        John Stein (Stu Serv) Elected