Approved by the Executive Board (April 22, 2005)



Executive Board – Representing College of Engineering

Replacing Andy Peterson


·        Bert Bras (ME) Elected



Executive Board – Representing College of Sciences

Replacing Turgay Uzer


·        Robert Braga (Chem) Elected



Executive Board – Representing the Ivan Allen College

Replacing Jay Telotte


·        Robert Wood (LCC) Elected


Executive Board – Representing Services & Central Administration


Replacing Gayle Warren


·        Ed Price (GCATT) Elected


Executive Board – Representing GTRI

Replacing Tom Horton


·        Bill Ballard (SEAL) Elected


Replacing Jeff Evans


·        Eric Barnhart (ITTL) Elected




General Faculty – Faculty Benefits Committee

Replacing Dale Atkins (CoE)


·        Dale Atkins (CoE) Elected



General Faculty – Faculty Honors Committee

Replacing Kirsten Ely(MGT)


·        Gregory Abowd (CoC) Elected



General Faculty – Faculty Status & Grievance Committee

Replacing Erik Verriest (ECE)


·        John Dorsey (ECE) Elected


Replacing Gisele Bennett (GTRI)


·        Calton Pu (CoC) Elected


General Faculty – Statutes Committee

Replacing Ron Bohlander (GTRI)


·        Ron Bohlander (GTRI) Elected


Replacing Ty Herrington (LCC)


·        Ty Herrington (LCC) Elected



General Faculty – Academic Services

Replacing Jim Sowell (Physics)


·        Jim Sowell (Physics) Elected


Replacing Jane Weyant (CoE)


·        Jane Weyant (CoE) Elected


General Faculty – Welfare & Security

Replacing Frank Lambert


·        Jilda Garton (Assoc VP Res) Elected




Academic Faculty – Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Replacing Jung Choi (BIOL)


·        Larry Bottomley (Chem) Elected



Replacing Christopher Jarrett (Arch)


·        Christopher Jarrett (Arch) Elected


Replacing Charles Parsons (MGT)


·        Charles Parsons (MGT) Elected


Replacing John Stasko (CoC)


·        John Stasko (CoC) Elected


Replacing Jeffrey Davis (ECE)


·        Paul Benkeser (BME) Elected


Replacing Scott Wills (ECE)


·        Al Ferri (ME) Elected


Academic Faculty – Graduate Committee

Replacing Dan Fisk (PSY)


·        Elizabeth (Beth) Davis (Psychology) Elected


Replacing Sue Ann Bidstrup-Allen (ChBE)


·        David Goldsman (ISyE) Elected


Replacing Steven DeWeerth (ECE)


·        Scott Wills (ECE) Elected


Replacing Monson Hayes (ECE)


·        David Anderson (ECE) Elected


Replacing Julie Jacko (ISyE)


·        Julie Jacko (ISyE) Elected


Replacing Jianmin Qu (ME)


·        Jianmin Qu (ME) Elected


Replacing Thomas Sanders (MSE)


·        Julie Babensee (BME) Elected


Replacing Min Zhou (ME)


·        Min Zhou (ME) Elected


Academic Faculty – Student Regulations Committee

Replacing Thomas Habetler (ECE)


·        Thomas Habetler (ECE) Elected


Replacing Larry Jacobs (CEE)


·        Larry Jacobs (CEE) Elected



Academic Faculty – Student Academic & Financial Affairs Committee

Replacing Kimberly Kurtis (CEE)


·        Ed Omiecinski (CoC) Elected


Academic Faculty – Student Activities Committee

Replacing Gregory Abowd (CoC)


·        Mary-Frances Panettiere (Library) Elected


Replacing Jude Leblanc (Arch)


·        Robert Butera (ECE) Elected


Academic Faculty – Student Grievance & Appeal Committee

Replacing Alfred Andrew (Math)


·        Fecundo Fernandez (Chem) Elected


Academic Faculty – Student Honor Committee

Replacing Vicki Birchfield (INTA)


·        Vicki Birchfield (INTA) Elected


Replacing Jennifer Michaels (ECE)


·        Jennifer Michaels (ECE) Elected


Replacing Steve Ruffin (AE)


·        Steve Ruffin (AE) Elected

Replacing Joseph Schork (ChBE)


·        Joseph Schork (ChBE) Elected


Academic Faculty – Student Computer Ownership Committee

Replacing Michael Gamble (Arch)


·        Michael Gamble (Arch) Elected


Replacing David Smith (CoC)


·        Aaron Lanterman (ECE) Elected


Academic Faculty -- Academic Integrity Committee

Replacing Magnus Egerstedt (ECE)


·        Tom Michaels (ECE) Elected



Representative of the Services & Central Administration Constituency to the General Faculty Assembly

Replacing Mack Bowers (VPSS)


·        Barbara Henry (Research Compliance) Elected

Replacing Jonathan Moore (OCA)


·        Leigh Bottomley (Provost’s Office) Elected