Results presented to the Executive Board April 8, 2003


Executive Board – Representing College of Engineering

  • Replacing Pradeep Agrawal

                           Leon McGinnis (ISyE)  Elected



Executive Board – Representing College of Management

  • Replacing Narayan Jayaraman

                    Arnold Schneider (MGT) Elected



Executive Board – Representing the College of Architecture

  • Replacing Doug Allen

                    Russell Gentry (ARCH) Elected



Executive Board – Representing Services & Central Administration, EDI and the Library

  • Replacing Karen Boyd

                     Linda Cabot (OIT) Elected


Executive Board – Representing GTRI

  • Replacing Jean Swank

                    Claudia Huff (EOEML) Elected





General Faculty – Faculty Benefits Committee

  • Replacing Michael Elliott

                    Michael Elliott (ARCH) Elected


  • Replacing James Higgins

                     Jean Hudgins (LIB) Elected


General Faculty – Faculty Honors Committee

  • Replacing Carol Colatrella        

                     Ruth Kanfer (Psych) Elected


General Faculty – Faculty Status & Grievance Committee

  • Replacing Mark Richards

                    Mike Rodgers (EAS) Elected


  • Replacing Heidi Rockwood

                     Heidi Rockwood (Mod Lang) Elected


General Faculty – Statutes Committee

  • Replacing Marc Smith

                     George Johnston (ARCH) Elected


  • Replacing Tim Strike

                     Tim Strike (GTRI/ELSYS) Elected


General Faculty – Academic Services Committee

  • Replacing Jerry O’Brien

                    Tim Daniels (LIB) Elected


  • Replacing Maureen Kilroy

                    Maureen Kilroy (Grad Studies) Elected


  • Replacing Carol Colatrella

                     Carol Colatrella (LCC) Elected


General Faculty – Welfare & Security Committee

  • Replacing Carole Moore

                     Jane Weyant (CoE) Elected


  • Replacing Mary Ann Ingram

                    Mary Ann Ingram (ECE) Elected


  • Replacing Lionel Lemarchand

                     Lionel Lemarchand (Mod Lang) Elected






Academic Faculty – Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

  • Replacing Paul Kohl

                     Paul Kohl (ChE) Elected


  • Replacing Christopher Lynch

                    Christopher Lynch (ME) Elected



  • Replacing Gordon Kingsley

                     Gordon Kingsley (PubPol) Elected


  • Replacing Betty Dowling

                     Charles Rudolph (ARCH) Elected

  • Replacing Arnold Schneider

                    Lloyd Byars (MGT)  Appointed to replace Arnold Schneider who was elected to the EB



Academic Faculty – Graduate Committee

  • Replacing Kok-Meng Lee

                    Gary Parker (ISYE) Elected


  • Replacing Jeff Jagoda

                     Jim Craig (AE) Elected


  • Replacing Leonard Parsons

                     Leonard Parsons (MGT) Elected


  • Replacing H. Venkateswaren

                     H. Venkateswaren (CoC) Elected



Academic Faculty – Student Regulations Committee

  • Replacing Richard Barke

                     Richard Barke (PubPolicy) Elected


  • Replacing E. Kent Barefield

                     E. Kent Barefield (Chemistry) Elected



Academic Faculty – Student Academic & Financial Affairs

  • Replacing Miroslav Begovic

                     Greg Corso (Psych) Elected


  • Replacing Steve Usselman

         Cheryl Gaimon (MGT) Elected


  • Replacing William Johnson

                     William Johnson (Mod Lang) Elected


  • Replacing Aldo Ferri

                    Patty Sobecky (BIOL) Elected



Academic Faculty – Student Activities Committee

  • Replacing Daniel Baldwin 

                     Brent Carter (MSE) Elected 



Academic Faculty – Student Grievance & Appeal Committee

  • Replacing Ken Cunefare

                     Deborah Turner (MGT) Elected



Academic Faculty – Student Honor Committee

  • Replacing Haskell Beckham (3-year term)

                   Haskell Beckham (TFE) Elected



  • New Position (3-year term)

                   Bill Rhodes (ECE) Elected

  • New Position (3-year term)

                   Jim Foley (CoC) Elected


  • New Position (2-year term)

                  Jennifer Michaels (ECE) Elected

  • New Position (2-year term)

                   Vicki Birchfield (INTA) Elected


  • New Position (2-year term)   

                  Steve Ruffin (AE) Elected


  • New Position (1-year term)

                   August Giebelhaus (HTS)  Elected


  • New Position (1-year term)

                  Barbara Blackbourn-Jansma (ModLang) Elected


  • New Position (1-year term)

                  Betty Dowling (ARCH)



Academic Faculty – Student Computer Ownership Committee

  • Replacing Matthew Realff

                     Luis Martins (MGT) Elected


Academic Integrity Committee

  • New Position (3-year term)

                   Tom Morley (Math) Elected


  • New Position (2-year term)

                   Magnus Egerstedt (ECE) Elected

  • New Position (1-year term)

                   Russ Callen (ECE) Elected





Representative of the Services & Central Administration Constituency to the General Faculty Assembly

  • Replacing Linda Cabot

                    Chuck Donbaugh (OHR) Elected


  • Replacing Michael Patterson

                  Warren Page (Facilities Admin) Elected

  • Replacing Michael Black

                   Gail Disabatino (Stu Srvcs) Elected


  • Replacing Carole Moore

                    Jonathan Gordon  (OARS) Elected

  • New Position (three-year term)

                   Maureen Kilroy  (Grad Studies) Elected

  • New Position (three-year term)

                  William Price  (GCATT) Elected