Academic Integrity Committee

October 9, 2009, 12:00pm

Meeting Minutes


Present were Robert Kirkman (chair) and Thomas Michaels, with Elliott Moore joining by phone; also Carol Senf (Honor Committee), Mitch Keller (HAC, for Sam Vojdani) and Parker Hancock (SGA for Kaitlyn Frazier).


1. Changes to Student Code of Conduct


Kirkman opened the meeting by reviewing the history of the recent changes to the Student Code of Conduct. By vote of the Executive Board on Tuesday, September 29, the matter was referred to the Student Rules and Regulations Committee for a decision. The Academic Integrity Committee is acting in an advisory capacity, considering the changes to the code in light of their impact on the treatment of allegations of academic integrity.


It is the consensus of the Academic Integrity Committee that, in their broad outlines, the changes made to the Code of Conduct in June 2009 are reasonable. However, there are a number of points in need of further revision and clarification.


There is an important matter of policy wrapped up in the proposed changes in procedure: How shall the rights of students accused of academic integrity violations be balanced against the need of administrators to do their jobs efficiently and effectively?


The Committee focused in some detail on the most significant changes to the code, and raised questions in particular about paragraphs D.4.b, D.4.c-d, and D.4.e., as well as section G.2.


Kirkman will begin the process of writing notes for the working group of the Student Rules and Regulations Committee to be posted to a Wiki on the T-Square workspace.


No action items.


2. Adjourn