Academic Integrity Committee

Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2009



In attendance were Bob Kirkman and Tom Michaels, joined by John Buck (Executive Board), Baruch Feigenbaum (Graduate Student Government), Chris Schmidt (OSI), and Carol Senf (Honor Committee).


1. Election of Chair


Bob Kirkman was elected chair by the absence of any competition or objection.


2. Discussion of Changes to the Code of Conduct


Chris Schmidt briefly described changes introduced over the summer to the Student Code of Conduct, originating from the Office of the President.  The changes affect the procedure for handling academic misconduct cases in OSI as well as the routing of appeals.  He answered questions from the committee.


It emerged from the ensuing discussion that, in responding to these changes, there are two distinct sets of questions for the committee to consider:

1.      On their merits, are the changes to the Code of Conduct reasonable?  Do they amount to an improvement in the integrity process?  Should they be kept in place, modified to some degree, or rolled back entirely?

2.      Was the procedure whereby the changes were made legitimate?  Did it constitute a violation of the tradition of faculty governance at Georgia Tech, a reasonable use of executive prerogative in an emergency situation, or something in between?  If something is awry in the way the procedure, how best can the situation be put right?


The committee took no action on the issue, awaiting further direction from the Executive Board.

Bob Kirkman raised the possibility of a meeting among the chairs of the Executive Board, the Student Regulations Committee, the Academic Integrity Committee, and the Student Honor Committee to discuss the matter and perhaps come to an agreement on how to proceed.